Mzansi’s own
e-hailing platform


Ride with us

Our app is designed with you in mind and built for convenience. Come ride like a Boza and enjoy a safe riding experience.

Your safety is our top priority

Our app has an SOS button. Ping your in-app next-of-kin anytime or connect with emergency services.

We give you great value for money

Our prices are not affected by changes in weather conditions or high or low demand for e-hailing services. Only pay a standard fee that is measured by the distance and duration of your trip.

Your account is yours alone

One user = One account. Biometric facial verification is mandatory upon registration to avoid the registration of multiple accounts by the same users and the unauthorised uses of the app.

Re-request your favourite driver for your kids

Our Boza Kids feature allows you to go on trips history and re-request your favourite driver for your kids.

Request rides for your friends and family

Let them track the trip and chat with the driver on their own BozaRide App. How convenient!

Rider FAQ’s

Is the app available on iOS?

Yes. The BozaRide app is downloadable on the App store.

Is BozaRide available in Cape Town?

No. BozaRide only operates within the Gauteng region at the moment.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes. You can pay cash after you have been verified successfully through our biometric verification or manual documentation verification.

Completing a trip – Is the app able to alert the rider that the driver is completing another trip and how long it will take to get to the rider? Will there be an option for the rider to either cancel and request another driver or wait?

The ride is allocated to available drivers. A driver who is already on a trip will not be allocated a rider until the trip has been completed.

Will the face recognition work on my Huawei device?

Yes, the facial recognition works on all smartphones.

When is BozaRide coming to Port Elizabeth?

BozaRide is starting in Gauteng Province, this is mainly because BozaRide wants to test and see the feedback on how the market receives it, thereafter BozaRide will expand nationwide. Our projection indicated by December 2023.

Can I download BozaRide on my Huawei device?

Yes, you can. BozaRide is available for download on App store, Play store and App gallery.

Are the fares fixed?

Yes, BozaRide fares are fixed and are calculated based on distance and time.

How do I schedule a trip?

Ensure that your device is on while using the app. This will allow the system to connect you to the closest Boza driver. After login on the system, check that your current location is correctly set in the “from” at the top of the screen. You can also add the entered destination as favourite address by selecting the “heart” symbol. Select the method you will use to pay and choose “Ride Later”. You will then be able to specify the date and time of your ride and Voila! You Chauffeur will be at your door for pick up.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, depending of when you cancel and the reason. Cancellation fee is charged to compensate drivers for the time, effort and fuel spent while trying to reach the pickup location. Refer to our cancellation policy in Boza T&Cs(We will add the link as soon as the site is up).

Can I add more than one destination on requesting a ride?

Yes, you can add up to 3 stops.

Will I be able to use the BozaRide app if the camera on my face doesn’t work?

Yes, you will complete your KYC and for verification. If you do not complete the KYC or if the KYC submitted is not successfully verified, you will only be able to use the card payment method.

Vetting – Are there measures in place to ensure that the driver profile on the platform matches the driver that arrives to pick up the rider?

Yes, this is done through an OTP sent to both the driver and the rider. The Rider needs to give the driver the OTP to verify he/she is the correct person who requested the ride. The ride will not start until this OTP is verified.

Recording clip – How long does the clip stay on the app?

The clip stays on the app throughout the journey of your ride and is automatically saved into our database as soon as the trip ends. We are still working on the data Archiving and Disposal policy, and it will be communicated on our website.

Women drivers – Is there an option to request a woman driver specifically?

No. It is safe, affordable and convenient to ride with either gender on BozaRide.

Change/Wallet – What measures are in place for when the driver doesn’t have change? Can this amount be added to the wallet?

Yes. This amount will automatically be added on your Boza wallet.

Can a rider add a stop?

Yes, a rider can add up to 3 stops per a trip.

Can riders split the cost?

No. The cost will be charged on the account of the person who has requested the ride.

Accepting cash after 6 pm Is there a hybrid option of charging some of the amounts to the card and the rest can be cash?

Yes, All Successfully authenticated riders can use cash or card at any time.
If you have not been authenticated, you have to use the card payment method at all times.

Is it possible to recommend drivers you like to your relatives?

Yes, this is allowed. You will need to also make sure that your relatives download the BozaRide App.