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BozaRide started as an idea. After conducting research, studying the South African e-hailing market, and the needs of both drivers and riders locally, that idea converted into reality. Working with a strong team of specialists and experts in technology, public relations and marketing, we pinpointed challenges that are faced by both drivers and riders, as well as the e-hailing market, and identified solutions to innovate the industry.

Our research sampled 3000 drivers and riders across South Africa, and the most highlighted issue of concern was safety. We wanted to bring something that not only sets us apart from our competitors but also speaks to the needs of people who use e-hailing services. It is for this reason that we designed our value proposition to speak to safety, as well as affordability and convenience.

The key thing to note about the e-hailing industry in South Africa is that it started as a part-time business for those who wanted to generate extra income. However, due to high rates of unemployment, e-hailing became a full-time job. The questions that we asked ourselves, were; how do we then structure the commission to speak to drivers who depend on e-hailing for an income? How do we ensure fair pricing for riders?

The industry also grapples with the scourge of attacks on both riders and drivers. How do we ensure safety, what tools do we provide to both drivers and riders to enable safety? All these challenges we identified, and then developed tailored solutions that speak to the needs of drivers and riders.

Being local, means we are closer to the people, which allows us to understand better the needs of the local user. We want drivers to be their own Bosses, and riders to use the tools that we provide to them to be Bozas and own their rides. Because we understand that drivers and riders have kids and relatives, we designed our App to cater to families as well. We also understand how important it is for riders to budget for their transport, this is why we have an In-App wallet feature. Our pricing is also standard and not affected by changes in weather conditions or high or low demand for e-hailing services.

We are here to make an impact, we want to formalise and innovate the industry in order to benefit both drivers and riders.

We are committed to offering safe, affordable and convenient e-hailing services. Drivers, come Be Your Own Bozas. Riders come Ride Like Bozas.

Ncamiso Mathebula
Managing Director

Meet our Directors

Flubert Taga: Technical Director

Flubert Taga: Technical Director

Flubert has more than 20 years’ experience in the Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) space, working as a technical and solution design architect.

Flubert is a SAP Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Certified Consultant, Solution Manager Certified.

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Ncamiso Mathebula: Managing Director

Ncamiso Mathebula: Managing Director

Ncamiso is an experienced entrepreneur with a focus on technology. He has founded a number of start-ups and has a proven track record of bringing innovative products to market.

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