At BozaRide your safety is our priority and that is why our app has built-in safety features that are beneficial to both riders and drivers. We provide a safe, convenient and enjoyable riding and driving experience.

Safety Features

Biometric Verification

The BozaRide app has a biometric (facial) verification system to prevent the registration of multiple accounts by the same user and/or the use of your account by unauthorised users. There will be random checks (face recognition) done periodically and also required for long trips and/or trips to high-risk areas.

Emergency Contact

You are required to add your next-of-kin emergency contact when signing up on the app.

SOS button

The BozaRide SOS button connects you to your next-of-kin contacts and emergency services.

One-Time Pin

BozaRide will send you a one-time pin each time you request a ride for authentication.

Zone Risk Level

The BozaRide app alerts you when you are entering a high risk danger zone

Driver verification

We conduct thorough driver vetting in conjunction with a third party for the biometric verification. This speaks to our goal to regulate and formalise the e-hailing industry in Mzansi.