Your safety is our priority and that is why our app has built-in safety features that are beneficial to both riders and drivers. We provide a safe and convenient riding and driving experience.

Biometric Facial Verification

Biometric facial recognition is mandatory upon registration to avoid the registration of multiple accounts by the same users and the unauthorised uses of the app.

Emergency Contact

Add your next-of-kin emergency contact when signing up on the app.

SOS button

Our app has an SOS button that connects you to your next-of-kin contacts and emergency services.

One-Time Pin

BozaRide sends you a one-time pin each time you request a ride for authentication purposes.

Zone Risk Level

The BozaRide app alerts you when you are entering a high-risk danger zone.

Driver verification

We conduct thorough driver vetting in conjunction with a third party for the biometric verification.

Helpline – 011 593 3114

078 254 1542