About US

We empower drivers to be their own bosses and offer riders safe, convenient and cost effective rides.

BozaRide is Mzansi’s very own. An innovative e-hailing platform that is here to bring convenience into your life. Our story is simple – because we understand you and the challenges you are faced with, we’ve created an app that makes your riding and driving experience easier. You can now go from where you are to your destination with peace of mind and savings in your pocket.

We have a wide range of vehicles

Pick up

suitable for 3 passengers and does not have luggage space.


standard vehicle with reduced luggage space.


a vehicle created for ease and comfort.


a large vehicle that accommodates up to 10 passengers.


caring for people with disabilities.

Ride with us

Where are you off to Boza? We are ready to take you anywhere around Gauteng.

As a locally developed e-hailing platform, we understand your needs. Our app is designed with you in mind and built for convenience. You will have access to features that are only exclusive to BozaRide riders, and enjoy a safe riding experience.

Your safety is our top priority

  • The BozaRide app has an SOS button. Ping your in-app next-of-kin anytime or connect with emergency services.

We give you great value for money

  • Our base prices don’t change based on demand, the weather or time of day. You only pay for the distance and duration of your trip.
  • Your family and friends can load cash onto your wallet so you’re always loaded and ready to be on the move.

You can re-request your favourite driver for your kids

  • For the first time ever in the South African e-hailing market, BozaRide will be the first to introduce an exclusive feature for minor riders, which is called Boza Kids. With this functionality, parents and guardians will be allowed to request and recommend previous drivers for their kids.

Your account is yours alone

  • One user = One account
  • A user can only have one account. Biometric facial recognition is mandatory upon registration. This technology is accessible on all smartphones.
  • There will be random checks (face recognition) done periodically and also required for long trips and/or trips to high-risk areas.

Boza Family

Boza Kid
  • As a parent or guardian, the BozaRide app allows you to load all your children on your profile, book and track the trips on your app.
  • You also have the option to re-request a driver that you used previously by going onto your trip history.
Boza Relative
  • BozaRide allows you to request rides for your friends and family. The family member or friend you are requesting for is required to have the app on their device. This is to ensure that they are able to track the trip on their own BozaRide app.
  • This means the family member or friend you have requested a ride for is able to share their live location and can contact the driver directly without having to rely on the primary account that requested the ride. How convenient!

DOWNLOAD the app NOW and Ride like a Boza

Drive with us

Drive with BozaRide and give yourself a good life

As a locally developed e-hailing platform, we understand your needs and see the challenges you’re facing. The BozaRide app provides the perfect solutions to make your driving experience seamless and enjoyable.

Your safety is our priority

  • The BozaRide app has an SOS button. In the event of an emergency you can press the button and connect with your in-app emergency contact and emergency services.

Earn big – cash money quick quick!

  • You will be treated to fair pricing – BozaRide charges the lowest commission compared to competitors.

How we treat our drivers

  • You are not a contractor but a partner and will be involved in key industry and business discussions.
  • At BozaRide we recognise and reward good driver behaviour.

Be the favourite driver

  • BozaRide is the only e-hailing app in Mzansi that allows you as a driver to be re-requested by riders through the BozaKid feature should they find you and the overall experience of their ride enjoyable.

Documents you will need to drive with BozaRide

  • Professional Driving Permit (PDP)
  • Driver’s licence
  • Photo of your car
  • ID/Passport
  • Police Clearance
  • Proof of Residential Address

DOWNLOAD the app NOW and Drive like a Boza